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Pictures & Videos This is a treasure trove of cine films as far back as 1932 and some photographs that are even older. Mainly taken by Mackie, Harvey and David Latter but including other sources connected to our families. Many have been digitally transferred to allow for web display.

In some Galleries you can use the Filter to lookup just names that interest you.

Our Family Tree starts with the Latter & Camber families; David Later (Latter) birth about 1780 in Telsiai, Lithuania. Includes Chait, Isaacs, Solomons, Johnson, Arrowmsith, Nettler etc

Includes pictures, passports, marriage certificates, ship records etc

A big thank you to Len Yodaiken from Kfar Hanassi, Israel who in 2002/3 researched the family tree and discovered many of the historical documents.

To obtain access to Pictures & Videos and/or Our Family Tree please email your name + contact phone/email to